The new generation hoof care

Septicare II Bond Express

Septicare II Bond is a two component fast drying adhesive for hoof care. By bonding a block to the healthy claw, the sick claw is raised, relieved because the animal doesn’t lean on anymore and so can heal.

Taken by several laboratory tests


Unrivalled efficiency for quality work in record time


Significant time saving and economy

  • Dries in 3 seconds
  • Bonds in 30 seconds
  • The cow is ready to move after 3 minutes

A glue with an unequalled efficiency

  • The bond can be applied and stored from 0°C to 40°C
  • It can be applied even in wet environment
  • Long lasting conservation

Very easy to use

  • The claw doesn’t need to be preheated
  • The cannula makes the 2 component optimal mixture
  • The glue doesn’t flow even by applying vertically
  • The cannula serves as a plug

Comfort for the breeder AND the cow

  • The breeder saves 15 seconds by cow
  • The cow endures less stress
  • No impact on the production of milk
  • Low weightloss for the cow

Our Septicare II Bond Express range