Use instructions

How to open the glue cartridge ?

  1. Remove the round cap of the bond cartridge and let the rectangular end piece.
  2. Place the cartridge vertically : front down.
  3. Type strongly the part on a flat surface so that the hole is well drilled.
  4. Remove the rectangle tip and put a cannula.
  5. Before using, eliminate approximately half of the cannula of product, so that the 2 components are well mixed.

How to apply the glue ?

Material needed : 1 gun, 1 bond cartridge, 1 mixing cannula, 1 wood block, 2 gloves

Clean and prepare the claw.

Apply the bond on to the block, wait 2 seconds then put the block on the hoof.

Be sure the thickness between the bond and the claw is equal to 3 mm.

You can adjust and handle the block during a few seconds for an optimal putting. After 30 seconds, the block is fixed.

After 3 minutes the cow can be released.

Advices after application :

The cannula serve as a cap after application : let it on the cartridge until the next use. You will just need to change the cannula.