Our Septicare II Bond Express range

Our range is adapted to your needs, offering you either the complete kit with all the required material for many applications or each product individually.

Put 3 second – Press 30 seconds – Release 3 minutes

106 652 001

Septicare II bond express XL

Same formula, New packaging !

The fastest bond by cold weather

Significant time saving and economy: the glue is applied in only 3 seconds, bonds in 30 seconds thanks to a very quick thermic reaction between the 2 components. The cow is ready to move after only 3 minutes.

  • A glue with an unequalled efficiency: the glue dries even in extreme conditions, can be applied and stored from 0°C to 40°C and even in wet environment, but doesn’t have to be under 0°C to be applicated.
  • Very easy to use: no need to be preheated, the cannula makes the 2 component optimal mixture for a maximal bonding and the glue doesn’t flow even by applying vertically.
  • Comfort for the breeder AND the cow: The breeder saves 15 seconds by cow, the cow endures less stress and the treatment doesn’t cause incidence on the milk production.

The advantages of the XL size :

  • Easy open of the cartridge :unscrew the cap, then remove the tip unsing pliers.
  • Allows more applications continiously.
  • A bond cartridge that fits on all standard application guns.

Product detail

000 030 : 1kg
000 035 : 5kg

Beech Hoof Tar.

Protects hooves and nourishes the hoof horn. Exists in 1 or 5 kg.
Please respect the usage instructions.

106 650 030

Application gun

Application gun for glue SEPTICARE -II-BOND EXPRESS. Good grip, robust.

106 650 001

160 ml bond cartridge

  • Bond cartridge with 2 component.
  • Dries in 3 seconds.
  • Can be handled during 15 seconds and bonds strongly in 30 seconds.
  • Can be applied and stored from 0°C to 40°C, keeping its bonding full capacities because its viscosity isn’t affected by the temperatures.
  • Doesn’t flow during the application even by applying vertically thanks to its important thixotropy : it bonds on all material which it is applicated on.

106 650 020

10 mixing cannulas

The cannulas have 2 functions :

  1. They extract and mix the required quantity of each component so that the bond is on it’s higher stick efficiency.
  2. They serve as a cap after application

106 645 013 002

2 wood blocks


For 2 applications

106 645 013 020

20 wood blocks


For 20 applications

113 100 001 : Large model
113 100 002 : Small model

Septicare cattle hoofmat

Disinfecting foam hoofmat for buildings entrances. Perfect for passage of animals. The whole hoof is treated due to the thickness of the mat. For the most successful treatment place the mat at the entrance of the milking platform. After milking, hang the hoofmat over a rail an hose it down. Capacity : 120-160 litres.

Small model : Ideal for the passage of the breeder and visitors. Capacity : 40 litres.

113 110 : 1 kg
113 110 010 : 10 kg

Hoofbath solution

Bactericide and anti-fungal concentrated. Septicare powder is used to prevent major foot deseases of sheep and cattle. Contains copper and zinc chelate and sulfate. This mixture is used in hoofbaths and is effective for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. The hoofbath must be covered in case of rain in order to avoid dilution. Not affected by temperature variations. Odorless. No residue found in milk or meat. Does not irritate the claw even if it is used continuously.

106 650 010

Complete kit with gun


If you don’t have the gun.
Includes :

  • 1 gun
  • 1 160 ml bond cartridge
  • 10 wood blocks
  • 10 mixing cannulas
  • 2 pairs of nitrile gloves

106 650 015

Refill kit without gun


Kit without gun.
Includes :

  • 1 160 ml bond cartridge
  • 10 wood blocks
  • 10 mixing cannulas
  • 2 pairs of nitrile gloves